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Workshop Babes sketch cards

This set was developed in early 2016 but produced (due to many problems in my country) in late 2017 by 5finity Productions featuring an art jam of my wife Ana Sanchez and myself with a punk theme propposed by us.
The set was thought to be divided in three periods (past/present/future) were we would do a jam piece for the present and an individual piece for the past and future, so I got to illustrate the future piece as well.

We ended up creating 45 sketch cards each as well.

All in all it was fun though I see my art for the bases was very underwhelming and I'm a bit ashamed to show them.

Glen fernandez sardi workshop babes base glenfx

This is the base art for the set, it features an art Jam between Ana Sanchez and myself.

Glen fernandez sardi workshop babes pak glenfx

This is the package illustration, it was drawn and colored by me and inked by Ana Sanchez

Glen fernandez sardi workshop babes glenfx

Future cards, base art by myself.

Glen fernandez sardi wb set

45 hand drawn sketch cards by me.

Glen fernandez sardi 5f wsb 2016 sc front sample

All three base card art.