Errants Monster Van

Glen fernandez sardi errants wallpaper01 by glenfx 1920x1080
Final scene
Glen fernandez sardi van model preview 01 glenfx
Van Model and comic book comparison.
Glen fernandez sardi van model preview 02 glenfx

I made this piece to promote my personal comic called "Errants", so I thought about making a scene from the comic and translate it into 3D.

Errants is a series of short horror stories about two monster fighting siblings traveling the haunted never-ending road 313 where they find themselves involved in folk tales and myths like those told around the world as they both enjoy hunting and punishing the errant creatures.

Each story is told by a local figure as close to the original tale or myth and then twisting it for the outcome with the main characters, giving it a new and different dimension to those tales.

The Issue #1 of the comic is available through gumroad at: